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Welcome to the new site!

Welcome to the new Kappa Delta Phi – Lambda Chapter Website! We are excited to launch this new website that has so much more features then before. Our older sites have always had the basic information needed, but now we are using a system that allows us to give you more then just the basics you can now keep updated on what we are doing. From news to events you’ll always know how you can participate with Kappa. Lambda Chapter is now working to bring you faster news on what we are doing and the events we are throwing. When something happens we will make sure it gets posted on the site.

So whats new on this website? We now have a nice responsive theme that allows the site to be viewed on every kind of display from desktops to mobile phones this site is friendly with them all. If you like news then you’ll be happy to notice we now are able to post news about what we are doing. If you like the news we post then you can hit the share button and share it with a ton of social networks. If you like going to the events we host then you can keep track by adding events to your Ical/Google Calendar. There is so much more you can do now and there are more to come.

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